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Anyone who comes here will understand that this place since the Middle Ages is a kind of "mecca" for all who believe in free science.

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Neutron stars are the remains of massive stars, consisting mainly of a neutron core, covered with a relatively thin (about 1 km) crust of matter in the form of heavy atomic nuclei and electrons.

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The purpose of the scientific research is the development of theoretical and methodological provisions and practical recommendations for the sustainable development of rural areas, taking into account the optimization of the resource potential of the agricultural sector and the financial rehabilitation of agricultural enterprises in Perm Krai.

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  • The chair (department), on which the master's program is realized, can determine the special requirements for the preparation of the undergraduate student in the research part of the program. Special requirements may include:  

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The introduction should provide background information, indicate the importance of research on this topic, and formulate the main research questions.